Lionel Messi institution: Watch, learn, list the ten smartest ways to create space to score a goal

Lionel Messi is more than a player, he is an institution. Hence thought to make a post on the 10 magical ways he creates space to score goals. To underline his importance to the game and for coaches to pick his nuances and teach wards over generations.

This video is just about space created before a goal. Doesn’t include penalty kick goals, free kick goals, header goals, solo dribbles etc etc. Just his methods of creating space itself deserve a subject of research and study in the Lionel Messi college of magic. 

This is a player for whom entire world rallied to coax him come out of international retirement. Hasn’t happened with any player before; at any level of intensity. Messi is an institution.

Watch Lionel Messi’s ten smartest ways to create space to score goal


Each of these chapters are a wow but chapters 7,4,3 will make you go just waaaaaooow waaaaaooow!

10. Tika Taka – short passing and movement

9. One simple move to change direction 

8. First touch ball control

7. Doing a fake shot

6. Chipping the ball over the goal keeper 

5. Stealing the ball from a defender 

4. Nutmegging the defender

3. Making defenders crash into each other

2. Too intelligent for the offside trap

1. Waiting behind the free kick line

Thanks/Credit for sharing video : Neeraj Srivastava, Singapore



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